28 May 2024


Indo-Jazz Quintet


SITARDUST, whose first album was released on the Homerecords label on October 26, 2016 (sound: Michel Andina, Art Work: Romain Renard), offers a mixed "Belgian-Indian" music, where the instruments distill their beneficial waves in their ears, in a a mixture of joy and depth, frenzy and sweetness ... The project has been performed many times in Belgium (Europalia, Ferme du Biéreau, Rochefort Cultural Center, L'Aquilone, Jam'in Jette, Art Base, Cercle Travelers, Muziekpublic, etc.), and also several times in India, Bombay and Bangalore.

Joachim Lacrosse


Joachim Lacrosse is a musician and professor of philosophy. One day, in October 1999, after having practiced classical guitar and jazz for a long time, he falls in love with a sitar (and not a cythare). He then follows a training with several masters, and develops later an orginal style, "comparatist". His game is distinguished by the encounter between Indian techniques specific to sitar (meends, gamaks ...), and others, more "guitaristic" (chords, vibrato ...). His original compositions for the project "Sitardust" merge ingredients from Indian music (north and south) with folks, classical and jazz colors. He is the nephew of guitarist Pierre Van Dormael.

Carlo Strazzante

Carlo Strazzante is multi-percussionist and has accompanied many musicians, Indians, Belgians, and all over the world (Asad Qizilbash, Fabrice Graef, Ashok Pathak, Bert Cornelis, Okay Temiz, Brass Band of Belgistan, etc.). He combines with talent techniques and instruments from various Eastern and Western traditions: bendir, tabla, tambourine, jingles, bells, etc ...

Both saxophonists Frédéric Becker (Yokaï, World Squad, …) and Grégoire Tirtiaux (Belgistan, Määk, ...), both great in size and talent, both well known on the Belgian jazz scene, have also each developed a solo project, more experimental. They also both studied Indian music: the bansuri for Frederic, and the dhrupad song (as well as the jew's harp) for Gregoire.

Frédéric Becker                       Grégoire Tirtiaux


Balakumar Paramalingam



Balakumar Paramalingam aka « Bala » a virtuoso of mridangam (Indian percussion) He begins his learning of carnatic music at the age of 9 under the enlightened guidance of his father Sinathamby Paramalingam himself a Mridangam and Ghatam player.

Versatile percussionist, he excels in the art of konnakol (vocal percussion of south india) and also in the art of playing Kanjira and Morsing (jew's harp).

He shared the stage with renowned artists: The violinist Dr. L Subramaniam, Gilles Apap, Sitar Ashok PATHAK,  Tabla Sanju SAHAI, jazzist Bassist Dominique Di Piazza (revealed by John Mc Laughlin) ...